With Pathway Genomics, Jim Plante Hopes to Leverage AI in an Especially Important Way

With Pathway Genomics, Jim Plante Hopes to Leverage AI in an Especially Important Way

Medicine has made great strides in recent years, but the pace of development is still ramping up. Technology-savvy entrepreneurs like Jim Plante are constantly searching for ways to achieve medical breakthroughs that enable healthier lives for many. Plante’s firm Pathway Genomics, for instance, has made important progress on a number of distinct fronts.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Better Healthcare

It is difficult to spend much time keeping up with the news without coming across many references to the power of machine learning. Artificial intelligence based on neural networks that automatically learn from the data sets they are provided has enabled spectacular results in a variety of fields.

Pathway Genomics was founded, in part, to apply this formidable tool to the human genome. Although the genetic blueprint that underlies humanity was mapped out years ago now, concrete applications have been somewhat slow in following.

A major part of the reason for this is simply that so much information is held in the genome it can seem almost impossible to figure out which parts are most relevant to the situations of particular patients. The overwhelming feeling that can come from trying to contextualize a given health situation within the vast, complex human genome had previously convinced many that progress would be difficult to come by.

For the past ten years, Pathway Genomics has been addressing this issue with an increasingly sophisticated series of responses. The company’s current partnership with IBM’s Watson division sees it using the most advanced artificial intelligence to highlight how best, in genetic terms, to serve individual patients.

The First Major Step Toward a Better Type of Medicine

As a result, Pathway Genomics has become a particular point of focus for many observers who are most interested in the future of medical care. Becoming able to design genetically informed courses of treatment for patients without undue effort could easily revolutionize the entire field.

Many believe, in fact, that further advances along this line will end up being seen as some of the most significant of all. Even if modern medicine is already capable of some miraculous seeming things, even more welcome, health-enhancing surprises are almost certainly in store.

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