The Mark of an Organized Agenda

The Mark of an Organized Agenda

Attending a conference is only worth the investment if the agenda is well organized. That is the best way to determine if the information presented will be applicable to current needs and challenges. If the speakers and sessions will not address the goals of the company, professional, or executive it is a waste of time and money. Before registering for any conference take the time to read the descriptions of agenda items and the credentials of scheduled speakers.

More Than Titles

Some brochures or websites include titles of sessions but no details. This can simply mean the event is still in early stages and details have not been established. It is possible the presenter has not yet provided a concise description of the session or the modes of information delivery. That is fine in the beginning of the year. By the time the organizers offer early registration opportunities, descriptions should be available.

The Healthcare Analytics (HA) Summit website is an excellent example. Early registration is available for the event which takes place in September. Information provided about the event includes the central focus, how that is broken down into two objectives, session titles, and specific topics. The session entitled Data: Your Most Strategic Asset in the Healthcare Evolution, for example, indicates the major component will be to explain how digital innovators are already using data to change employer, payee, and hospital aspects of healthcare systems.

Discover more elements of an organized and meaningful agenda at That website also includes the credentials of all the nationally acclaimed speakers that are scheduled to present. Interesting experiences and backgrounds are also noted. The combination of a detailed agenda and the expertise of speakers will help determine if attending will be of maximum benefit.

Vendor Interaction

An agenda that is education-focused will have little room for distracting vendors attempting to sell products, services, or equipment to those in attendance. Time is better spent networking with colleagues, speaking with presenters, and visiting hands-on stations that demonstrate how data can cut costs, streamline care, and increase diagnostic capabilities. The HA Summit does not accommodate any vendors or service providers. Interaction with vendors is the purpose of exhibitions and trade shows, not conferences.